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DUI/OWI Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

What You Need to Know Now:

  • Why can't you wait until your court date to take action?

          -Save your license right away.

-Demand a hearing to prevent the loss of your license.

          -You have 10 days to demand this administrative review hearing.

          - If there is a refusal, necessary paperwork must be filed right away to prevent loss              of your license immediately. This is different from the administrative review                      process. 

          -Hire a qualified attorney Immediately.

  •  What if I have a Refusal?

           - If you refused a blood or breath test (not PBT) , you have 10 days from the                            incident date to request a  hearing to be held on the refusal. If this isn't done you                will lose your license immediately.

  • Why did I get two tickets?

          -The first ticket is for Driving Under the Influence

-The second is for operating with a Prohibited Alcohol Concentration

  • Can they take my driver's license even before I go to  court?

          -They can try. You have 10 days to request a review hearing.

          -Plead "not guilty" and demand a hearing with the assistance of an                                       attorney.

  • How long does a drunk driving conviction stay on my record?

         -Forever. Since 1998, Wisconsin has counted all lifetime drunk driving

convictions in calculating whether an arrest should be prosecuted as a second or greater offense.

  • How can I plead "not guilty" if I am guilty?

  -By saying "not guilty" when the judge asks for your plea.

  -It's your right. A "not guilty" plea in court simply means you're not going                     to admit to anything.

  -It is then up to the prosecution to prove it's case using legally obtained                        and admissable evidence.


    Summary of Wisconsin DUI/OWI Statutes


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